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Do we have a tendency to overprotect our precious ones?

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Parents in general have the innate tendency to protect and shelter their own children from all the harm in the world. But as children grow up, parents realize that their daughters and sons leave the coop they were trying to shelter them in. In most cases, the separation causes anxiety to parents and most often than not leads to developing mistrust in their own children.

The emotions parents tend to have when they feel their children are leaving them or distancing themselves are perhaps unintentional. It is human nature for a parent to be protective and territorial of their daughters and sons that drive them to be the strict parents their own kids think or see of them.

As parents, it’s inevitable to realize along the way that there has to be the time to let the children have the space and freedom they need in order to explore and learn things on their own. As much as parents want, they can’t teach them about how the world works just by describing and explaining it to them without the children themselves experiencing it.

Parents will learn through time to do away with interfering in their children’s quest in knowing themselves and learning who they are or who they want to be.

Studies evidence that children given enough opportunities and encouragement are able to attain significant and sustainable levels of talent and intelligence.1

It’s a good practice to work on identifying the talent of each child and nurture and encourage this accordingly but in a fair and equal manner. It’s a strong motivation to allow them to examine their own individual differences as brother and sisters so they will grow together.1

It’s very heartening for parents to make their children feel loved, wanted, secured and supported. It’s noteworthy of parents to guide by example through showing the children how their parents value their work or passion. Children will learn from seeing how their parents treat and work for what is important to them. They will see their parents’ dedication and learn from that when they endeavor to take on their own interest or passion later on in life.

Last but not least, parents are recommended to provide their children with both normal and exciting conditions in their environment.1 It will stimulate their minds toward cultivating their innate talent and intelligence and help lead toward to the person they want to become.

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