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Happy New Year!


This month of May we celebrate a number of events rekindling those certain feelings within us. Let’s look into that warmth and compassion we share in the two well remembered days in May: Mother’s Day and Memorial Day.

Mother’s Day is the specially commemorated day when we would show our utmost gratuity to our mothers and all the other mothers who care for their family and friends unconditionally. This day we try our best in various ways to showcase how we can return the love and care each mother gives.

Mother’s Day is celebrated every second Sunday of May. It represents the exceptional day we honor the selfless devotion of motherhood.


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Accordingly, the first suggestion to set aside a day for mother’s was proposed by Julia Ward Howe. She was an American writer, lecturer, and reformer. She wrote “The Battle Hymn of the Republic” that contributed to her being as one of most notable women of her time.

Julia wrote this hymn when she went for a visit to the military camps in Washington, D.C. during the Civil War. Because of the Civil War, another momentous day is rooted. Likewise Mother’s day, Memorial Day originated during this period.


It has been told that women’s group from the South had long been decorating the graves of their war dead before the end of the Civil War. There were also communities in other parts of the States that are practicing the like in their own ways.

Today, Memorial Day is commemorated to honor not just those who served in the forces during Civil War but as well as those who died fighting in all wars. Memorial Day is observed the last Monday in the month of May.

Another symbol related to St. Patrick’s Day is an Irish folklore the leprechaun. A leprechaun is an elf-like creature who is believed to be keeping a pot of gold at the end of a rainbow. He is portrayed to be dressed like a shoemaker in green color.7

Mother’s Day and Memorial Day share a significant historical event that presented these two special days to be commemorated this day and generation. Let’s pay tribute both to wholehearted mothers around the globe and our brave men who offered their lives for our freedom!


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