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Stress has been part of everyone’s daily trek, be it dealing with work or people. Most often than not, it’s associated with negative thoughts and causes negative effects on us. This day and age it pays to make use of the negative aspects in our environment and turn them into positive influences.

There are a lot of advices and workarounds out there telling about how to ward off stress. But have you thought of not fist-fighting with stress but rather turn it into your side?

You need not embrace stress but you can convert it into motivation – motivation to reach out to others and share your current circumstances. Talk it out with friends or colleagues. You not only helped yourself ease out the anxiety but you are also able to connect.


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According to a study1, short-term stress can boost levels of oxytocin (the bonding hormone). In turn, oxytocin inhibits adrenaline, one of the stress hormones, and reduces blood pressure; hence, preventing the more negative effects of stress. It’s wonderful to know that stress actually produces its own remedy as a by-product.

Another interesting result of stress is that it boosts your memory. In a stressful situation, your memory is so enhanced that you can think very clearly and you are very much aware of what’s happening around you.

Research answers to that is your working memory is put on the move and this type of memory is the one used in problem solving and processing sensory information. Stress triggers your brain receptors that can better make you figure out the task at hand.1

Have you ever thought that stress actually develops you into a well-adjusted person? You may not realize yet the power of stress that has molded you but it leaves you better equipped to face future challenges ahead of you. 1

These are just some of the ways stress works as your ally. Make them known and you may just discover the key to working stress into your positive motivation.

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